Untitled Poem

IMG_5968So we meet again, dear friend

In this state of loneliness

I hadn’t seen the signs

I was approaching.

Too often I felt secure along the way

Until these moments,

When reality sinks in


Here you are again, dear friend

Either for me to ignore, or,

(let’s be real), to welcome.

To set up a table for you in my mind

Where you can sit, and stay awhile

And I can feel that which I once held,

(even in fiction),

Blow away.

So that the hands I once felt quite full,

Appear to actually be quite empty


If misery loves company

Then I break all the rules.

For I isolate instead of turn

To the joy that might be found

In the world around me…

In nature, in new life,

In coffee, in new shoes.

In that which would turn my gaze outward,

Rather than within


There you go again, dear friend

For I won’t allow you to rest

Within the places of my heart that

Need to grow instead.

I don’t know if it’s faith, or hope,

But what’s there, deep inside, shoves back

To release me from your grasp.

And here is where I’ll be free to love,

At last

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