I’m published!

So I ventured out into the fray…and finally finished one of the many short stories I’ve been working on. But instead of it remaining in fantasyland, it’s actually now available in an anthology of short stories, published by the awesome Ethan Renoe. (Seriously, you have to check out his blog). While he’s a fantastic writer and several of his stories are featured, this book is a compilation of 28 stories featuring 14 new and diverse writers! *Be sure to read fellow author David Alves previous installment in this blog tour promoting The Tall People and Other Collected Stories.

My story is called “You Look Familiar,” and while it may at first blush appear to be a typical “boy meets girl” tale, upon further reading you’ll find that an ordinary encounter proves to be a much deeper, philosophical journey for the main characters. And hopefully it will be for the readers as well, as any story should make us consider ourselves and what sort of character we’re becoming in our individual adventures.

Ethan’s blog has a list of all of the contributors and more information about the book, and be sure to click over to Geoffery Wolfe’s blog for the next installment of the tour!

So if you’re looking for a fresh new read, or just like supporting young, starving, independent writers, check out The Tall People, available here.


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