Gender and Hollywood- “Joy”

Katniss. Hermione. Merida. Elsa. Blackwidow. These are just a few examples of strong, female heroines that have graced movie screens in the last decade. Regardless of the ingrained patriarchy by which Hollywood has created countless films, it would seem that a tide has turned in the way women have been portrayed on screen. Much has … Continue reading Gender and Hollywood- “Joy”

“The New Girl” of 21st Century Feminism

Oh Facebook. How many times do I find myself with some free time (you know, the times when I babysit my nephew and he's sleeping) and I can get into that book I've been trying to start, and...I'm actually scrolling at an insane speed on my iPhone through my newsfeed, trying to catch something interesting. Well, today … Continue reading “The New Girl” of 21st Century Feminism