The Politics of Anger

So here we are, 2017 upon us. Ringing in the New Year always means time for change; fresh starts, new beginnings, and resolutions. So how about some self-reflection, shall we? But not about the usual topics-relationships, dieting, exercise, etc. How about some post-election, political self-reflection? Yay, so much fun, right?!?  For Clinton supporters, frustration at … Continue reading The Politics of Anger

Avoid Disillusionment: Why Presidential Campaigns Matter

Presidential campaign debates-not exactly the sort of entertaining fare most people look forward to, invite friends over to watch, or DVR for the next morning. No, they tend to be for the viewing pleasure of those few political junkies, fodder for cable news pundits, and as reinforcement of political party rhetoric. But not so this year. … Continue reading Avoid Disillusionment: Why Presidential Campaigns Matter