It's been so long since I've posted here, but this is a poem I've been revising after some much appreciated feedback from my writer's group... I’ve never really wished I could change the past until now.  Not my own, but someone else’s.  I wish I could will them to have chosen differently, At least, in … Continue reading Transmogrify

Love in the Era of “Adulting”

Growing up my cousins and I had a special place at the back of my aunt and uncle’s suburban tract home. This magical room (for some unknown reason) was always called “Never-Never Land.” During every Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Fourth of July that passed during the 1990s, the five of us young cousins escaped into … Continue reading Love in the Era of “Adulting”

3 Questions for the Bachelorette (and the rest of us Millenials)

I have a guilty pleasure... I watch the Bachelorette. No, that's too tame. I watch the Bachelorette and I like it. I know I'm not alone in this, but as someone who prides herself on being an intellectual, feminist-leaning, Christian woman, it seems to be an oxymoron that I'm also a Bachelorette/Bachelor fan. And to … Continue reading 3 Questions for the Bachelorette (and the rest of us Millenials)