“In the Desert, Seeking Hope”

Granite monuments not formed by hands,

Prime pieces for climbing, or sitting, or waiting;

A palette of beiges and browns spread out

That surround us all.


Brightly colored backpacks move

Like honing devices to guide us as

We trek –we humans in the wild,

Crossing the desert.


In a land that is feral and untamed

Where the thorns and gnarled trees rise up –

There is walking and talking and snapping

Pictures of the joy.


In the midst of this, as I both hoped and feared,

My heart finds a home. A home within another

Who walks beside me; A home both within reach and yet –

A lifetime away.


These are the worst of things, are they not?


For what “could never be,” never strays into the mind

Settling down cozily to stay awhile;

Tormenting the mind with its devious devices.

It passes on by.


But the “what ifs?” and “maybe so’s” –those are the real

Saboteurs of the mind and heart that like desert growth

Appear welcoming from afar, but upon touch prove

A spike in the foot.


But what do we do? The mind and heart wander on

Like our group in the desert. Seeking a trail to

Cool water and the security of a known place

Within the wild…


Amidst a palette of beiges and browns and

Brightly colored backpacks, my heart and mind

Find either a hotel or a home. Only the

Way forward will tell

Which of them it is.

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